Lucas Turturro

He directed the following films: Cómo mueren las reinas (How Queens Die, 2021), Inconsciente (Unconscious, 2017) and Un rey para la Patagonia (A King for Patagonia, 2011).
His video installation La Sombra Invertida (Inverted Shadow, 2016) with the support from Telefónica Foundation, was exhibited at both MACBA and Haroldo Conti Cultural Center.
El peso de una piedra (The Weigh of a Stone, 2017) was awarded 3rd prize at the National Visual Arts Competition, showcased at San Martín Cultural Center, Emilio Caraffa Museum, and BIENALSUR.
He also directed a series, Los visuales (The Visuals) and is currently director of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation’s TEC platform.