Maurice Benayoun in Presente Continuo

In the context of our program, the French artist visited Buenos Aires. During his visit, he led a workshop for 35 artists, technologists and scientists from all over the country, who were selected after a federal call where over 80 applications were submitted.

During the training, the artist presented his various works, up to his most recent productions made with algorithms and artificial intelligence. He explored the way in which his works are associated with different media: video, computer graphics, immersive virtual reality, internet, performance, 3D printing, large-scale urban space art installations, and interactive exhibitions.

After the presentation, participants worked in groups on project exercises proposed by Benayoun on the following topics: behavioral design, generative art; artificial intelligence; transactional art; electroencephalography (how to make sense of brain waves in artistic creation); robotics and art in public spaces. Afterwards, they made a collective presentation where they received feedback on the proposals.

On the third session, Benayoun gave a public masterclass where he presented his most recent works, which was attended by students of the School of Architecture and Urbanism, UBA, artists and experts in the field. Benayoun delivered a public masterclass.

His visit marked the beginning of the program, which seeks to create a training space with artists from all over the country and draw attention to the new challenges in these fields of study. In addition to Benayoun, Brazilian artist and researcher Guto Nóbrega and Mexican-Canadian artist Rafael Lozano Hemmer will be visiting Buenos Aires this year.