Masterclass with Guto Nóbrega

Next Tuesday, August 8 at 5 pm Guto Nóbrega will deliver a masterclass at Williams Foundation (Avenida Belgrano 1670 – CABA) with free access to the public.

Guto Nóbrega holds a PhD in Interactive Arts from The Planetary Collegium – Plymouth University – UK (2009). He has a postdoctoral degree in Art and Technology from PPGAV/UnB (2019). He is an associate professor at the School of Fine Arts, UFRJ; a member of the Visual Arts Graduate Program at UFRJ and UnB, and is the Vice-Dean of the Center for Literature and Arts, UFRJ. He founded and coordinates the NANO – Núcleo de Arte e Novos Organismos He is a Research Productivity Fellow at CNPq.