What impact do the tools of the fourth industrial revolution have on art and culture? What can art show and teach us about the world that is being forged by augmented reality, artificial intelligence, locative media, bio-art, biotechnology, gene editing, among other technological developments? How to interpret our present and in which direction to project the future?

Presente Continuo is the new art, science and technology program by Bunge y Born Foundation and Williams Foundation, with the participation of Andreani Foundation. It is aimed at artists, creatives, scientists, technologists and interdisciplinary teams from all over the country who wish to participate in a two-year program with international artists/theorists.

The first year consists of a cycle of three meetings with masterclasses and workshops delivered by international experts. The first one will take place in May, featuring Maurice Benayoun, the second in August, with Guto Nóbrega, and the third in October, with Rafael Lozano Hemmer.
In the second, participants will work, both virtually and face to face, during the first semester on the development of an individual or group project, guided by tutors from different fields. Later, an expert committee will select up to three projects for authors to take part in a residency in a partner institution abroad.