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The Presente Continuo initiative emerged from the realization that technological advancements in artificial intelligence, gene editing, and biotechnology are propelling us toward a place where conventional paradigms struggle to comprehend the present and shape the future. At its core, we seek answers to two pivotal questions: How are the technological strides of the fourth industrial revolution redefining and reshaping artistic creation? And in what ways can art serve as a lens to decipher the world being sculpted by these technologies?

Presente Continuo offers artistic and philosophical training for the creation of artwork, concepts, descriptions and narratives. The initiative brings together a wide array of participants including artists, philosophers, scientists, and technologists, chosen through a national open call. They take part of three meetings and workshops, led by trailblazers at the forefront of global conversations about the future of art and humanity in the era of transformative technologies. Our aim is to foster an environment ripe for exchange, production, and answers to these critical questions.