Guto Nóbrega

Postdoc from UnB, Art and Technology, PPGAV/UnB (2019), he holds a PhD (2009) in Interactive Arts from the Planetary Collegium Post-Graduate Program, Plymouth University, UK, where he conducted research under the direction of Prof. Roy Ascott.
He is an artist, researcher, Master in Communication, Technology and Aesthetics by ECO-UFRJ (2003) and has a Degree in Engraving by EBA/UFRJ (1998).
He is an associate professor at EBA/UFRJ where he has been teaching since 1995, tenured professor at PPGAV/UFRJ (2011 – present) and PPGAV/UnB (2018 – present).
He has founded and is one of the coordinators of NANO – Núcleo de Arte e Novos Organismos, a research space for artistic research and creation.
He coordinated the Visual Arts Graduate Program / EBA/UFRJ (2015-2017) and is currently a representative of the Interdisciplinary Poetics line in the same program.
Since 2019, he is a Research Productivity Fellow – Level 2 at CNPq.

More information on his website.