Interactive Art Workshop: from concept to legacy by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

During three intense days at Andreani Foundation, the artist delivered a workshop for the Presente Continuo scholarship holders.

Lozano-Hemmer works with ideas arising from architecture, technology and performance. His participatory public art was featured at the European Union Expansion in Dublin (2004), the Tlatelolco Massacre Memorial in Mexico City (2008), the Vancouver Olympics (2010), the Raurica Roman Theater in Basel (2018), and the Covid Victims Memorial at the Brooklyn Museum (2021). In 2007, he was the first artist to represent Mexico at the Venice Biennale and has also exhibited at the Biennials of Sydney, Liverpool, Kochi, Mercosur, Istanbul, Havana, New Orleans, Shanghai, Singapore and many others.

During the third and last meeting of the year, he delivered a training session. On the first day, each fellow shared their work, projects and expectations for the next few days of training. During the workshop, they received information about key concepts such as conception, design, financing, realization, exhibition, sale, publication and conservation. The Mexican artist provided tools, references and practical examples. He also answered specific queries and maintained relevant conversations with each participant.